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On Wednesday, I met Lee and Jenn at Clo–the three month old wine bar, located in the Time Warner Building.  A small space partitioned in the “mallway” just outside of Per Se, Clo offers spectacular views of Columbus Circle and innovative ways to order wine.  And while the rotating 100 bottle selection aims to pleasure a variety of taste buds, the price list caters to bankrolled boozers or to the curious, out to sample a couple of artisanal wines.  To quote Lee on this matter: “For professionals like us, it’s probably cost $2,000 to get drunk here.” (more…)


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Hungover from Sunday, when Kelleigh hosted our Wine Club’s first dinner (see above), with parings for every course (menu to follow), I taught all day on Monday, and prepared for my final exam at the International Wine Center, after completing an eight week course.  The first organization in the US to be affiliated with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (since 1994), IWC offers Intermediate and Advanced courses, both of which are precursors to the WSET Diploma in Wine & Spirits; the Diploma program being a pre-requisite for those who desire to become a Master of Wine (there are 277 world wide).  And while the latter is not something to which I currently aspire, I gained a lot of specific knowledge and cannot wait to register for the next course. (more…)

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Named for the 19th century, world wanderer and writer, Pierre Loti, this New York locale (at 17th Street and Irving Place) offers a rotating selection of wines.  Last night, Cathy and I were fortunate enough to experience a menu that offered just what we needed to study for our IWC exam–tasting flights that included four 2-oz. pours for $18–and a healthy selection of Old and New World wines. (more…)

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Last night, I hauled my sober self out to Brooklyn Heights to meet my classmate Cathy, so that we could study by way of tasting, for our final exam at the International Wine Center.  At this pre-holiday wine tasting benefit, sponsored by Heights Chateau, I sampled over 40 wines, left a few stones unturned, and remedied my Thursday night sobriety–all before the clocks chimed nine. (more…)

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