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Situated in what could be a strip-mall, Vintage Irving is a wine bar with a suburban chain feel.  With high ceilings and newly constructed brick walls, generic blinds on the windows, and common tall tables and stools, Vintage Irving could be anywhere on the map.  However, if one were to dismiss the sense of ambiance, and focused solely on the menu, she wouldn’t have a terrible time.  Offering a small but rotating selection of wines by the glass, thirty-two additional bottles, and a hearty list of brews, ales, and stouts, the menu here (along with the generous tastings offered, if asked) is what could make a stop here worth your time. (more…)


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Cursing my way through the torrential rain last night, I made my way down East 4th Street to meet Ellen at In Vino-one of her favorite NYC wine bars. With a menu composed of Italian varietals and fare, In Vino takes the love of everything Bacchanal to the extreme.  The interior resembles a wine cave, complete with a vaulted ceiling, stucco textured walls, hanging bare bulbs emitting soft yellow light, and benches made from the remnants of barrels that once fermented wine.  Sitting at the bar, we chatted with Zack about the nine red wines offered by the glass, tasting one or two before finally ordering a glass and warming up to the night. (more…)

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After meeting, and quickly getting squeezed out of Lawrence Bondulich’s Bin 71, on a Thursday night, Suzanne and I walked south to Barcibo Enoteca, Bondulich’s wine bar/Italian restaurant on Broadway and 69th.  Tucked away beneath a layer of scaffolding, Barcibo Enoteca is an easy one to miss.  The front room full of high tables and stools is warm with walls of brick, and dimly lit…but only if you overlook the flat screen TV that hovers bright above the six seat bar.  The televised sporting events weren’t the only elements that gave the bar a neighborhood feel; with this, one could consider the post-collegiate crowd, after work and casually attired, the small groups and dates.  (more…)

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