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Not having seen Lee since we visited Clo, I called him upon returning from Colombia to arrange a wine bar date.  I suggested that we meet at Bar Veloce in Chelsea, on a blustering Thursday night, and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised upon arriving to not find a seat in sight.  Though one of the few wine bars in its vicinity, it’s not the last wine bar on earth; however, with glasses of Italian wine from $8-$11, it may be one of the most inexpensive wine bars left in New York. (more…)


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New York Wine Bloggers


There’s a new website in town: New York Wine Bloggers, an online community created by Gary Landsman and Tony Karrer.

Check out Imbibe New York alongside a host of other sites including Dr. Vino, Alice Feiring, and East Village Wine Geek.

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Last night we drank on Eastern Parkway, at Jenn’s place–Suzanne, Cathy, Jenn, and me.  It’s been months since the wine club last met, for dinner at Kelleigh’s with partners, making it an entirely different crew.  Since then, Suzanne has  joined and Cathy is in between countries.   Jenn, being the hostess, chose the varietal this month: Syrah–“the world’s fifth most planted grape” (The Oxford Companion).  With no regional restrictions, we had plenty from which to choose, and for the most part chose well–an interesting selection that included wines from Rhone, France; Paarl Valley, South Africa; Central Coast, California; and a sparkling Shiraz from Australia.  By the end of the night, this last selection–the Shiraz–was what “separated the women from the winos.” (more…)

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Even though I’ve been to ‘ino a hundred times–before the Forum, after the Forum, half-way between many of my Brooklyn friends and me–I’ve never thought of it as a “wine bar”, but more as the “panini place”, because their sandwiches are so prime.  But an Italian wine bar it is, complete with tramezzini, bruchetta, and paninis;  as well as Freisa, Pignolo, Nero d’Avola, and Sangiovese–all tucked inside a tiny hideaway (25 seats at 21 Bedford Street), with warm yellow walls and brick, dark woods, and dim lights. (more…)

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