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Last night, Baby Marley made his rounds around the table, his eyes intermittently transfixed by a glass of rosé.  It was his first trip–not to a bar, Daddy told me–but to a wine bar: Bar Olivino on Fulton, in Clinton Hill.  It’s a tiny spot just a few doors down from Olivino Wines (sister shop to Olivino Bed-Stuy); just large enough to accommodate two café marble tables, a 7 or 8 stool bar, one stroller…and little more.  Open from noon to ten during the week, and until nine on Sunday, the bar was lined with mostly ladies by five, chatting with the seated proprietress, or quietly turning pages to Sinatra.   (more…)


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Narrow with tall tin ceilings, brick and tile, bow-tied waiters, and a long white marble bar, Gottino is an in-part wine bar with an Old World feel.  Near the entrance hangs a colorful glass fruit chandelier, an offering for the bountiful list of wines.  Bottles line the back of the bar, along with bowls of olives, fresh fruits,and walnuts; charcuterie and cheese dominate half the menu, supporting such lovelies as Fava Bean Puree-Ricotta Bruchetta, and Walnut Pesto–both of which fell just a bit short of orgasmic. (more…)

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Riesling–five countries, seven bottles, and three hours.  We each brought a bottle, ensuring we had the major regions covered: Mosel and Franken, Germany; Eden Valley, Australia; Alsace, France; and Long Island, NY.  But then Brian pulled the cork on all the wines we brought, trumping our selections with a half-bottle of TBA (Trockenbeerenauslese) Riesling produced by the Gunderloch estate from Rheinhessen, Germany.  We wanted to construct an alter and sacrifice a virgin before opening this precious gem, but the best we could do was get Suzanne to don a veil. (more…)

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Last Friday, Imbibe NY Wine Club took a field-trip to visit Keith Beavers at Alphabet City Wine Co. on Ave C.  Keith, who is also the East Village Wine Geek, opened this boutique with a partner nearly 18 months ago, and every Friday and Saturday, he hosts a party at the shop.  Well, not really a party, but a tasting that packs the house because it’s a fun place to hang out.   (more…)

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