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Perhaps I’m the last New York wine lover to write about Ten Bells on Broome Street, but I might be the first who didn’t leave the bar pledging my virginity to it’s greatness; and I certainly wasn’t compelled to leave an offering of my first born.  In fact, though the space is lovely, romantic, and rustic in a tenement kind of way, Caitlin and I both left not as converts…but rather a little disgruntled and questioning the hype.



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From a cloud of dust

comes plum fruit

plump taut and ripe

He takes a bite

and wipes

The juice drips down his chin

In his pocket folds

green wood

a knife

and bitter almonds



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Sancerre La Garenne

Grapefruit shimmers through screens of grain

The sky big boned

with spurs of spice



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The Barolo Brothers encouraged Modern

Drink well when you’re young!

Shorten your fermentations

and steel time

This is not the minute to lie idle in oak


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Glass Fruit

Transfixed by glass fruit

Marley makes his rounds

If he knew our pleasure he might not sit watching

Lining the bar

ladies turn pages to Sinatra

Nosiola Grillo and Pinot Nero

The seated proprietress chats

Piemonte Toscana and Veneto

All rusty with interior contrasts


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Audible sighs circle the table as we sip

each so remarkably disparate from the rest

God appears

Temperamental thin-skinned & fierce

A blank slate full of self-expression

it’s first to our lips

Ruby with an orange rim

it airs

turning leather to cumin and meat

I yearn to lock myself in the dark

narrow my senses

Sylvain Cathiard 2006

I scoop a palm of mineral rich soil

and eat


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I know the likes of Efes Pilsen and raki

but nothing of wineries along the sea of Marmara

The room in back was painted crimson and dark

and the ceiling absorbed

all surrounding chatter

Pale ruby in candle-light

the Turk showed me dark red fruit and spearmint

Emir Cankaya?

Minerality and quince

Dolcetto D’Alba punched the palate

While Pinotage Rosé dumped

tar and compost


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