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Inside steep slopes

Dig old vines

Yearning and stressed

Rolling roots

Over every

Rock, crack, and crevace

Slate, schist,

And sometimes lime-stoned

He tips back his glass

And takes them all home



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Saffron and Turmeric sit smoking

Drinking mugs of bouillon beef

One starts singing

Rosemary, thyme

While patching her tube

With black currant

Inner wheels spinning

She straddles and rides

Leaving a cloud of black pepper

In her wake

2005 Lievland Owl’s Own, Stellenbosch


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Strawberry hair

Sultry peach

Indigenous yeasts

She sleeps with rocks in her bed


She springs from the glass

Raw silk

She parts like a kiss from his mouth

2009 “Savage” Rosé Croteaux Vineyards, North Fork, Long Island


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