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With a ring of spring flowers

Twisted around her wrist

She walked foot over stones

-pudding and round-

Smooth rocks warming

The void of each arch

At a mountain stream

-fruity and red-

On its bank

She plucked ginger

So startling and austere

She sharpened her tongue

and tossed a rock

Sending ripples across her reflection

–2003 Gosset Célébris Rosé Brut






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For Edible East End‘s Winter 2011 issue, I wrote a piece on the sparkling wines of Long Island, titled, “Bring on the Bubbles”. For this year’s Christmas and New Year’s festivities, check the North and South Fork’s bubbly production at Sparkling Pointe, Lenz Winery, Wölffer, Martha Clara, Lieb, and Croteaux.  You can view the piece here.  Cheers!

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Off the L at Morgan Avenue, right on Bogart–a stark industrial landscape.  At the corner there’s a wine shop–Big Tree Bottles; turn right on Moore, and there, stands Roberta’s a sweet spot with thin crust brick oven pizza (pesto, mushroom, artichoke–yum!), housed in what was once a garage.  Rustic and warm, yet harmonious with the barbed-wire topped cylinder-block walls outside, Roberta’s was packed for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon.  Outside the bar (order Sixpoint’s “Sehr Crisp” Pilsner) there’s a patio, overlooking two repurposed 20 foot shipping containers–a studio–home to Radio Heritage Network.


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The other night, Caitlin and I met at Eataly for a few glasses of wine in the belly of the octopus.  At a marble, elbow height table, we stood amongst shoppers, imbibers, and consumers of cheese and charcuterie, talking a thousand words a minute because there was much catching up.  At the crossroads of 23rd and 5th, Eataly is an Italian haven for all things delectable–a one-stop spot where one can shop and drink!  A welcome upgrade to the likes of Whole Foods and Fairway, where shopping always drives me to drink (never mind the Fine Fare downstairs, which is enough to drive your mother to a life of crime).  And since Eataly is such a visual delight, I thought it best to share the experience with a bit of imagery…


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On this night, we drank red wines from Jura.  Poulsard, Trousseau, and Pinot Noir.  Three of the bottles (pictured above) came from Jacques Puffeney, “the Pope of Abrois”, who grows 7.5 hectares of grapes, only three of which are red.  Unfiltered and not fined, these wines are light, but not delicate, rustic, and complex, with an acidity that soars like a finger lifting a skirt.


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