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At the beginning of the month, Snooth published my “Experiments in the Vegetarian Kitchen–Cab Franc from Loire”, which included a recipe for Sweet Potato Biscuits with Spinach and Paprika Mushrooms–one of four recipes that I’d created to pair with four different bottles of Cabernet Franc from Loire.  And since I’ve been a bit crazed with everything under the eclipse for the past couple of weeks, today’s post is from the home, on pairing (vegetarian) food and wine. (more…)


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Commonly neglected like the spinach on a child’s plate, Cabernet Franc is often accused of being too green, too herbaceous, or too vegetal—traits that are often the result of underripe grapes.  But some, myself included, embrace this greenness as a natural expression of the grape itself, and not necessarily always a negative result of nurture—or climate and activity in the vineyard.  I enjoy earthy, vegetal notes in my wine when it’s a trait of the grape.  And so, just as I embrace plants, legumes, and grains—foods that grow close to the earth—I am happy to invite a wine with supporting characteristics to accompany my vegetarian plate. Read more…

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