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Friday night, I rode the L to meet Caitlin and Alex at Blue Angel Wines.  It’s my second time to this boutique shop in Greenpoint, and I almost enjoy the journey as much as the destination itself.  Turning left from Lorimer onto Ainslie, I pass by my first apartment in the city, but have a hard time remembering the building…On Grand Street we enter a small shop with shelves made of reclaimed wood from the Central Park Stables, that are lined with carefully selected wines, 70% of which are organic or biodynamically produced. (more…)


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Last Friday, Imbibe NY Wine Club took a field-trip to visit Keith Beavers at Alphabet City Wine Co. on Ave C.  Keith, who is also the East Village Wine Geek, opened this boutique with a partner nearly 18 months ago, and every Friday and Saturday, he hosts a party at the shop.  Well, not really a party, but a tasting that packs the house because it’s a fun place to hang out.   (more…)

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Thursday evening, I met Caitlin at Crush, a wine and spirits shop on E. 57th, that was hosting a red Burgundy tasting– four wines from Patrick Bize.  We stepped from the store and into the tasting room/storage space, where a large dour man in grey suit pants paced behind white linened tables, and poured mouthfuls of wine.  Caitlin, who’d arrived ten minutes earlier, had had the displeasure of having her empty glass disregarded in a mix of outstretched arms.  When he finally did pour her a few drops, she tried to engage him in talk–a bait he refused to bite.  The treatment I received didn’t fare much better; as he poured wine into my glass, he said not a word.  Clearly there was something about this guy, in this midtown establishment, that didn’t like our kind. (more…)

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